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Die neue M-8 Eagle ist ein UL aus einer Firma, die auf jahrelange erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit renommierten Flugzeugherstellern baut. Wir freuen uns, dieses Baumuster anbieten zu können.

Im folgenden zeigen wir ausschnittweise die Features als Zitate im original Wortlaut aus der website des Herstellers: http://www.orlican.org/

Significant parameters

• The largest crew space in its category
• High payload – large range of centre of gravity
• Safe production: The first airplane production in the World inspected by Digital robotic x-ray scanning
• Designed for flight schools
• Towplane


• Carbon fiber composite airframe with fixed landing gear
• All terrain wheels and suspension
• Single colour (acrylic) paint in white or light colour
• Rotax 912 80–115 hp 4 cylinder liquid/air cooled integrated reduction gear
• Push/botton ignition system

Throttle control, Slipper clutch, Tubular steel engine mount, 4 rubber engine mounts, Carburettor brackets, Carburettor drip pans, Air and Oil filters, Oil and water coolers, Oil thermostat, Fireproof sleeves on the fuel lines, Two-blade electrically adjustable propeller, Carbon fiber blades with metal leading edge protection, Propeller blade sleeves, Carbon fiber white propeller spinner
Standard Avionics

• Magnetic compass • Altimeter • Vertical compass
• Airspeed indicator • Vertical speed indicator • Speedometer • Vario meter ca. 10 m/s
• Slip/skid indicator • Pilot/static system
• Engine RPM • RPM meter w/engine hours
• Fuel and Oil pressure gauges • Oil temperature gauge • CHT gauge
• Hobbs hour meter
• Low voltage warning LED
• Position indicators – trim and flaps
• Fuel meter for standard sensors
• Engine coolant and oil temperature meter • Oil pressure meter • Fuel pressure meter
• Inclinometer (Ball indicator)
• 2 analogue fuel gauges for capacitive sensors (standard fitting is fuel indicators)


• Comfortable adjustable seats with 4-point safety harnesses for the pilot and co-pilot
• Seat upholstery, Leather seats covers • Length and height adjustable seats • Head rests
• Standard painted instrument panel – light grey
• Anatomically shaped control yoke with PTT and Trim control
• Footwall side wall finish in front runner • Wall to wall carpeting
• Two-zone flap-controlled fresh air (cold) ventilation • Front anti-fog ventilator
• Door locking system • Large luggage compartment with carpet • Roof panel for cabin interior
• Full airframe ballistic recovery system


• Gas springs – door opening and closing

• Lockable doors on both sides
• Steerable nose wheel
• Aerodynamic carbon fiber wheel & strut covers
• Tie down rings on both wings and fuselage rear
• Tow bar for maneuvering on the ground

Einige Daten


Manufacturer     Rotax
Model     912
Horsepower     80 hp – 115 hp


Empty weight     299–320 kg
Max. Take-off weight     472,5 kg UL / 600kg UL2/LSA
Min. crew weight     60
Max. luggage weight     30

Takeoff     150 m / 490 ft
Climb Rate     5–7 m/s / 1200 ft/min
Max Operating Altitude     5400 m / 18000 ft
Stall Speed with Flaps     53 km/h / 29 kt
Max Cruise Speed     250 km/h / 135 kt
Landing Groundroll     150 m /490 ft


Lenght     7,030 m
Height     2,650 m
Wing span     9,085 m
Wing area     10,757 m2
Horizontal tail width     2,800 m
Horizontal tail area     2,244 m2
Vertical tail area     1,116 m2
Cabin width     1,164 m



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